This weeks module is about SEO. SEO means Search Engine Optimizations. SEO is the process of improving a website for better search engine results.

On act-on.com they have five important steps to help you use SEO.

  1. Get Quality Links
    network on social media websites
    reclaim your brand
    get linked where you are mentioned
    look at your competitors
  2. Google Authorships
    get a google+ for all your members
    authors claim their authorship
  3. Set a Canonical URL
    Canonical means the best URL
    tells search engines which is preferred
    full link value
  4. Microdata and Schema
    HTML tags tell what the page is about
    richer search results
    Better search rankings
  5. Responsive Design
    page makes itself better for the users device
    easier for users to interact and share links and info

How will you plan on using SEO in your website?
I think weebly automatically has SEO so I’m forced to use it. I would use it anyway. My URL is kinda out there and explains what my website is about.

I don’t think there are any disadvantages of SEO. I think its a great idea.




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