Mia Madre

This witch right here is not this tan in real life. My mother is allergic to the sun and to punish me she made me allergic to the sun. Her fake tan is killing it in this pic though.

This picture was taken before I was born. You can tell by how happy she looks. “I gave up drugs and my kick-a$$ body for you. And my wealthy boyfriends.” -My mom

She grew up in Orlando with an Italian family. Her grandparents were from Sicily and Lithuania. They worshiped her. She got away with everything. She’s the youngest of four children, “and I’m the best one too.”

As kids she would let us have indoor water fights because I couldn’t go outside. One time she put soap all over the kitchen floor and told us to run in there and we all slid into the wall. “It was my way of cleaning.”

People like to say that we are pretty close. I don’t like to say that because when I was little I told her she was my best friend and she yelled at me. Its creepy how parents are best friends with their kids. Like the Gilmore girls. That show made me so uncomfortable.

But on an nice note she is the best. Not in a creepy way (Lorelei and Rory). She’s been there for me like a parent is supposed to be. She comforts me and tells me to do good things and she loves my two friends. I like her a lot.

*This message wasn’t approved by mia madre*


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