This weeks module is about our website proposal and organization. To say again, my website is named badartbyme.weebly.com . It is about my bad art.

My website proposal is my art.

For my help on organization I used http://venturi-web-design.com/planning-a-website-organizing-your-content-a-short-guide-for-beginners/ . It basically helps you make your website in a nice, organized way.

The tips I took from it is multiple pages, (and that I have to have at least five for my class). You should create separate pages for each service. Since I don’t really have a service I did separate pages for different kinds of art. I have my home, about, contact, jetpack series, and bad portraits pages.

Some other tips are: the main menu should tell the story, while writing about yourself, creatively tie-in benefits for your prospect and your “about” page becomes that much more engaging, organize your website content into logical categories like a restaurant menu, your company name or logo can be very helpful in describing what you do at a glance and, know your target audience.

My main menu tells my story. its about my bad art. I don’t write about myself in this website but I do draw myself sometimes so this tip doesn’t really concern me. My website is very organized. My name is very obvious and I don’t really have a target audience.



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