This week assignment is about creating a website. This website is called Weebly. Weebly is a website that lets you create a website for free.

The website I’m being forced to create is going to be about my art. You can check it out. http://www.badartbyme.weebly.com

I don’t have anything up yet because I have to figure out what kind of bad art I want to put up there. I’ve been doing bad art for as long as I can remember. Everyone told me my art was bad, even from a young age. I was so bad at art that I even got into art school. I’m not sure how I got into art school, I’m cringing right now thinking about my portfolio.

Weebly helps you make a website pretty easily if you follow the step by step instructions that they have. I chose the theme Modus Operandi-Cento because it kinda looks like Instagram and I like Instagram (@mackenzies_instagram). I like the website because it is super easy to use if you don’t know how to do computer things well, like me. Weebly is okay. It is confusing. I didn’t understand how to delete the content that’s already there. I figured it out eventually. if I can do it, you can do it.

You can check out these links if you need any help:



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