What A Beach

This is me throwing sand at the beach, because I hate it. Sand is sticky and gross. I don’t appreciate it.

The water, is also cold. And it hurts my body? Like I don’t know what it is but it makes me itch. I think I might be allergic to the beach.

I’m very fair skinned, if you couldn’t tell, so the beach has not ever been my friend. I was always forced to sit under a giant umbrella and apply sunscreen every 15 minutes.

But I’m an adult now (respectively). So I don’t have to put that sticky nightmare on my face because no one tells me what to do (except you mom she’s my #1). I can throw all the sand I want (if it doesn’t bother other people) and kick the ocean as I please (I don’t do this often because it gets on my clothes and that is not cool my dudes (it is cool temperature wise but not cool society wise)). There’s no more being forced to sit under an umbrella (I don’t this on my own because as I stated before, I’m pale af).

The point is, don’t go to the beach. I’m not telling you what to do but the beach gets a F from me. It failed. It wasn’t even a contender to be an A. Or even a D. The beach should drop out of school. The beach is not my friend. The beach can suck it.


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